The Forgotten Gods Counseling Group

I was given the opportunity to review a novella by L.D. Hutchinson called The Forgotten Gods Counseling Group

Aetina is the Greek Goddess of War, Darkness and Hate. She’s the Daughter of Zeus and Nyx, the only problem is she was never included as one of the worshiped Gods. Not even among the minor ones. She was all but forgotten like many others that she has met over the course of the last three hundred and fifty years.
After talking to Sjorn, the Norse God of Pain and Fertility, she’s finally talked into going to the New York offices of Mental Health where she meets Chi, the Chinese Goddess of Wisdom, another of the forgotten Gods.
Chi tells her of the Forgotten Gods Counseling Group and that many of them attend and join in. The number alone surprises Aetina and gives her the push she has needed to finally say that she’ll gladly be a part of the group and see if it can help her.
Things almost instantly get a little weird though; Zeus and Nyx start fighting and try to get her to take sides. Aphrodite wants her head on a platter and the Demi Gods are showing up everywhere.
But, even that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ichi, a Japanese God, has decided to create havoc amongst the humans for forgetting him.
Now the God’s are coming out to help and trying to stop the madness before it’s too late.
If only Aetina could just get one day of peace…

This book left me feeling confused. At first I was wondering where the novella was heading, it felt a bit jumpy in the content but slowly it started to flow nicer and the story line got good though felt rushed again near the end. Considering this was only about 56 pages it wasn’t surprising that it jumped quickly but I think the general story line is a good one. Didn’t feel a very deep connection to any of the main characters which was a shame.  With a bit more work this could be a great novel.

Worth a read if you want something quick to read and something to get your imagination going.

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6.8km walk completed

Today started with an early start for my family. I had entered myself into a fun walk with my friend that was an 40min drive away.  Second fun run/walk series event I’ve entered lately and today’s walk was along a water front town. So every where you looked was amazing views which made the walk so much easier.

Isn’t it amazing, we weren’t quite so lucky today with the weather so it didn’t look like this but its a beautiful spot. When we reached the end of the walk there was so me yummy treats waiting.   I’m slightly addicted to Fudge and there’s a fudge shop near the venue that was giving out samples. Not often I would spend money on fudge when I can make it but oh it was so good that I had to get some.

Was a great day with our friends now to the next event which will be in the country side.

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The day that dragged

only one word for today LONG……

Everything is going wrong and I feel like the world is going along with what it does and I’m stuck in a massive mud puddle and that mud has leaked into my brain.

Tomorrow hopefully will be better

  S/he made me smile


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having one of those days.

So I’m sitting here in front of the fire surround by clutter and mess cause I just cant bring myself to move and do something about it.  My mission today was to find out prices and get a clear idea of where I want to go for our first ever family holiday that involves a plane. Yes we have been trying to achieve this for years but never managed to make it work so this year aim is to get to Fiji. Will it happen hope so, my brain is full of prices and pros and cons of all the resorts. Came home with no clear answer and jumped on line again to find out what real difference in prices is and wow so much cheaper to book online but is it safe I keep asking myself.

From looking at prices I started researching the companies that offer the package deals. This wont be a cheap holiday for us and want to know I can trust them. So searching review sites made me more confused and scared. Seriously like there’s heaps of negative reviews and some positive ones. Wondering are people only writing these reviews if they are angry and if they had a great experience not even bothering or do we avoid them completely. So next course of action for me was research deals directly thru the airlines well there’s only  two main ones and looked at one sorry cant afford you and the second airline uses one of the companies that had all the bad reviews, now I’m thinking surely if an airline uses them then it cant be all bad. Massive things to think about but luckily can wait a few days as hubbies passport has run out though to my surprise he said its all ready to get sent off to be renewed. This man is hopeless with paper work so pleasantly surprised.

So after all the research the day has disappeared and my house looks like something horrible exploded thru it.  Tomorrow I hope to get the house back to its normal state and to feel like I’ve achieved something productive. My list of tasks is for ever increasing now not to loss the envelope its written on.


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Life takes over

So much for keeping up to date with the blog, I’ve been doing lots of reading of them but little on my own. Why? well don’t feel like life is that interesting at the moment.

So far managed to achieve going for walks with the help of a friend I might add and completing a 12km fun walk and now trying to get my fitness up to walk a half marathon in September. Its getting way harder now that its colder and the rain seems to keep coming.

Next month I’m starting an online course to get my brain active, yes working on the body and the brain so that’s something to look forward to and something to fill in time.

Newest time waster is Pinterest, spend way to much time on there looking for things to make and do. Lets just say some things haven’t worked out like bouncy balls but other things i’ve been pleasantly surprised in. Home made lip gloss worked well though need to find a new recipe for the handcream. Might try another recipe tomorrow.

The days are getting colder and life getting more crazy. But that’s the joys of motherhood. Lets see if I can post more regularly time to put it in the dairy.


off to the travel agents tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to.



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Office finished….

Its finished and I completed it. Nice to have finished it all with out spending money on anything (ok apart from the printer) and its amazing just looking around what you can reuse to make a room feel so much nicer. This room was done more for my hubby so there’s a few things I had planned to do in the room still but he wasn’t keen so I left them. The kids are using the space nicely and remembering to put things back where they belong and the youngest who is 6 is trying to put the books back in the right spot as best as she can.

There was a few question the challenge asked to answer so thats what im doing below then will post the photos of before and after. Im happy as its a room thats now working for us which was my main goal.

1. What space did you decide to organize and why?

The space I chose to do was the office/ dumping room. And the main reason to do this room was that I was feeling sorry for my husband who was sitting amoungest my and the kids mess trying to work . Wanted him to have a comfortable space where he could work in peace but at the same time if the kids needed to do some art there was space for there things as well.

2.  What steps did you take to ensure you completed the space within the 29 day timeline?

I had a list, that changed lots and knew I needed to get stuck in fairly quickly as otherwise things just wouldn’t get done. Biggest thing was emptying out the room bar the furniture and finding homes for everything.

3.  What was the hardest part of the challenge for you and how did you overcome it?

Hardest part was googling office spaces and falling in love with some extremely impressive rooms and realizing I had to do this room without spending money. Also ensuring that hubby wasn’t going to full up the lovely space I just created with old computers.

4. What did you do with the “stuff” you were able to purge out of your newly organized space?

Most of the purging was actually paper so that went to the recycling.Had way too much paper art from the kids that i sorted into scrap books the best and the rest went out.  Other items found new homes to friends and one small box is waiting to go to charity shop but I want to full this box with the next room before I take it.

5.  Tell me one of your proudest moments during this challenge?

Having  it finished and seeing the family respect the space and clean up after themselves. Nice to actually want to go into a room or walk past it without cringing.

6.  Explain any organizing “tools” you used to help you create additional space and to establish some limits and boundaries?

I had found some containers with lids in the garage and I sorted the kids art supplies in them then labeled them. Its easy for the kids to find and put back. They know whats in them and if the lid doesnt fit then some things need to be remove. Theres now a boundary of what can fit so doesnt fit out it goes.

Also for my book case I’ve limited the stuff on the shelves so had to purge some cook books and other books. It created a boundary for me knowing if it doesnt fit i need to relook at what i have and decide what needs to go.

Have managed to reduce our memory items into one box which is on the top shelf of the book case which stops the girls going into it and playing and adding items that don’t belong in there.

I also reused two food tins that got washed out and then covered with paper and labeled these were for the pencils and scissors. they turned out to be my favorite  things as they were bright and cheerful and free.

7.  What is ONE piece of advice you’d give to someone else to encourage them on their organizational journey?

Keep going, some days you will find your just not motivated and by saying ok I can give 5 minutes to this you will find it makes a big difference. Five minutes is all it takes to clean out a drawer and once you complete that task you feel proud and it can lead to spending more time working  in the room.

So I learnt alot of different things along the way and the biggest one is I can love a room with out spending big money to make it look super flash. My mind set changed heaps and now I look at rooms and items and thing oh I can do this and I can use this item in a different way.

Heres a few photos

The last photo is my favourite items and showing the kids art area all neatly done up. They have managed to keep it like this for a few days already. Which is awesome in my eyes.

Thank you Organizing Junkie for giving me the motivation to tackle a room that I have been putting off for a very long time.

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Tissues, Tissues and more tissues

The title sums up my week, Help. Only got a few more days to finish the office and at the moment I feel like its not completely working but at the same time everyone else disagrees. I think its cause I have been doing too much searching online for ideas and there’s some amazing looking offices out there. I have had to sit down and talk to my self. Yes some days I’m a bit nuts but had to realize we don’t have space, money or the need for some of the ones I’ve seen and dreamed of.

I’ve had thoughts of how I would love my house to look but need to learn to love it as it is. Our house isn’t horrible its functional but I’m not in love with it, and I think I need to as everyone else who come say otherwise. May need to just rearrange some rooms to make the follow feel better and remove extra stuff. Yes Clutter the word that we call cringe at but we all have in our homes.

Yesterday I sat with my youngest girl and we went thru her room a bit, didn’t finish it cause i’m constantly in there with her as it easily becomes messy and thought i’ve had enough of this. Everything has a home, baskets, storage containers the works but its just doesn’t seem to work. It constantly gets mixed up and even though they are labeled the girls just throw things in. My thoughts too many toys of different types so we sat down and have decided to reduce the amount. They are going to spend a few days thinking of which toys they want to keep and what to get rid of instead of me doing it. That to me is massive progress.

So whats left to do in the office, apart from a general tidy up and to talk to hubby and ask why all of a sudden theres an extra four computer boxes in the room.

  • want to go thru bookcase and get rid of any damaged books.
  • Print some cool sayings and put them in frames that currently sitting in my lounge to fill up a blank wall.
  • Make up some labels for the containers in the room. Have downloaded just need to print and laminate.
  • cover pencil container with cool paper.
  • Get hubby to remove extra computer equipment ( hardest task of all)

No photos this time but will do that in a few days. Off to search for some sayings that relate to the room, hubby and me



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