First New Habit

Well I decided to start a new blog, spent four days thinking of it and putting it off. Story of my life really but that’s why I bit the bullet so to speak and started one.

My main reason for having a blog is motivation, I seriously in need of it and thought if I cant get it from people I need it from maybe I can start getting motivated by myself and making myself accountable for achieving my goals.

First new habit for me is eating breakfast. The main reason is setting a good example for my two girls, but also hoping if I eat a good breakfast I would be less likely to snack all day long and help with the massive weightloss that is needed.

So now its just a matter of getting creative with breakfast ideas, at the moment I’m happy with fruit yoghurt and a little bit of muesli but know there will be days that doesn’t work. How does one eat healthy when there’s so many conflicting ideas out there. Think my poor husband is getting sick of seeing me watching or reading weightloss articles which contradict each other. Seriously how is one person suppose to know what to eat when everyone disagrees. But for now I’m going to start changing my life by changing one small habit a week. May end up doing more than one but figured if I can change one habit then I might be able to achieve some big long term goals.

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