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Tissues, Tissues and more tissues

The title sums up my week, Help. Only got a few more days to finish the office and at the moment I feel like its not completely working but at the same time everyone else disagrees. I think its cause … Continue reading

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Summer cold

The sun is shinning out side and im stuck inside feeling sorry for my self. Summer colds are just pure nasty, at least in the winter if you have a cold curling up under a blanket on the couch feels … Continue reading

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Feeling dishearted

So progress has been very slow this week apart from throwing out ten coloring books the office hasn’t been touched by me. Hubby using it constantly and so are the kids but all my grand plans to getting the curtains … Continue reading

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Monkey see, Monkey do

So today I wanted to share how my small habits are changing my family. Habit one was eating breakfast in the mornings every morning, I can now say after two weeks were still keeping it up not only am I … Continue reading

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So thought it was high time I showed you the progress that’s been made in the office. Its not done got heaps to go specially sewing new curtains well shortening some that we have taken down a while ago from … Continue reading

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Down day

Ok so what does a girl do when she’s having a down day and trying not to pig out on junk food Shopping of course. I was trying really hard not to go into town today but as I had … Continue reading

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Weekly Menu

So it’s time for another weekly menu. I wrote mine yesterday and should have posted it but sort of ran out of time. So far I have found were saving money on the groceries not a lot but were eating … Continue reading

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