Well new habit is going well, got up and ate breakfast with the girls again with a glass of water as there was no milk so no coffee this morning. Must admit haven’t missed it yet.

So why the ouchy title, well lets just say I woke up with a stabbing pain in my right shoulder. I think might have a few to many pillows that I sleep with. Maybe that should be another new habit to create, only sleeping with one pillow.

What new habits have you ever thought about creating or would make your life simpler. I think with most things in life creating something as a habit has an effect. Im just trying to make mine  more positive for ME and my family. Yes I  put ME first something I have never done. So the new habits I’m creating this year will mostly be for me firstly and then the results will affect my family too.

So to day I took the girls into the ballet  school to get new shoes.  Luckly they had some second hand ones cause I was dreading having to replace both pairs of shoes at full price. Plus got a new leotard for the youngest as hers needed replacing, fair to many times in the washing machine.  So they are all set for there after school activities and its got me thinking I need a hobby/activity for me. But what is it that I really want to do is the question.

So off to do some research into what I want to do since im couch bound with pain today.

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