Saturday Chaos

Ok so yesterday and today I managed to meet my goal of eating breakfast everyday. Im determined to do this new habit I tell you, plus I stripped out the office. Left only the main furniture and threw everything else in the garage.

It was a bomb site in there any way so thought having an empty slate would be the easiest and it was until the kids came home. Oldest saw there was room in the office and looked in her room which was a disaster zone yet again and asked if we could move the bookcase which houses all the kids books down to the office. It made sense to move it as her room was getting a bit crowded with it in there and youngest was making a mess in there every time she got a book out or ten as they do. So aim of just getting thru one room ended up me tackling oldest girls room with her and half completely the office.

Todays mission was sorted thru the craft stuff and rearranging cupboards to house all the stuff taken out of office. Garage still looks like a bombs exploded I tell you. Though todays achievements are that all the girls art from the last 4-6 years are now in a scrap book glued in and sorted what i wanted to keep for them and what we could get rid of. Two massive bags of art sorted, reduced and glued into books or recycled.

Art the girls done on canvas’s which we no longer wanted has been taken off the frames which I will reuse and best ones are in there books.

Cupboard that housed all extra overflow has been emptied and re purposed. Top shelf is now for the games. Middle shelf now houses all the gift wrap and extra presents that i have on hand in case. Though that supply has gone down heaps thankfully. and the bottom area now houses my vacuum cleaner which is the first time its actually had a proper home.

Oh and the girls games,craft cupboard in the garage is now mine. I moved some of there craft stuff in the office and sharpened and I mean sharpened all there coloring in pencils. Got blisters on my fingers to prove it to. They must have like ten packets of them in there box. Note to one self NO MORE COLORING PENCILS.

No wonder the day went so quickly…

Tomorrow need to reduce my craft pile down a lot. Cupboard is my boundary and if I cant fit it in then it needs to be re homed.

Monday – is a holiday here so hopefully were going out on the boat so will have the day off

Tuesday is the biggest mission, take all the kids games and try and sort out what game goes to what and any games with pieces missing has to go. Hopefully that means the garage will be easier to tackle. Wish me luck.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and those on the challenge will be making good progress on there rooms.

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One Response to Saturday Chaos

  1. Thu says:

    hope you are having a great weekend too!

    Hope you will visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY!
    Just Tututiny

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