New Habit Number 2

Ok time for a new habit, yes still have to keep habit #1 up but time to add another one. This one is something that Ive wanted to create for ages grew up with it but over time its been lacking. What is it well its something that might mean we have a decent conversation and less time in front of the TV. It also requires me making sure the dinning room table is kept clear and not used as a dumping ground. Thats right habit #2 is use the dinning room table for dinner every night. Was going to say all meals but that’s not realistic. Girls eat breakfast on the breakfast bar if im up otherwise they tend to sneak up stairs and eat in front of the TV so going to set an example to show them where to eat.

That’s my new habit eat dinner on the dinning room table. Well it is really what they were designed for wasn’t it.

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