Down day

Ok so what does a girl do when she’s having a down day and trying not to pig out on junk food Shopping of course. I was trying really hard not to go into town today but as I had promised mum i would go to dads work and pick up eggs and fruit that she had for me I knew I had to, one place surely cant hurt I thought well boy did that go wrong. Started at my daughters school. They have school hats which is cool as we don’t have to buy them or send them to school with hats every day they get washed every term and they have there own numbers so no mixing up. Well this year my daughter gets one with the elastic missing, still useable but since shes got a small head keeps falling off so I said show me ok Ill get some things to fix it. Well the teacher mentioned theres at least 5 if not more others broken too. so knew i didn’t have enough supplies to do all I went shopping. A few too many shops later and more items than I planned but feeling better. Thats the main thing right.

So now I need to find enough items we no longer need and sell them to make up the money. Thats my mission this week to sell things to pay for new things plus it means not too many new things come into the house and clutter all the work I’ve been busy on.

Will have to take photos tomorrow of my buys. Some are cool, others practical.

Just put a batch of Muffins in the oven to butter hubby up, though funny enough they dont have butter or oil in them. First time trying them so will have to let you know how they taste as they are just finishing off in the oven now.

Hope everyone is getting along with there challenges.

So as I meant to post the photos I thought ill quickly come back and edit this post to include them and ive included a photo of the muffin.

Bottles so I will drink more water

My muffins I made and hubby managed to gobble up 3 this morning before work so dont taste too bad

And my new toy a Cuttlebug, cant wait to get crafty.

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