Feeling dishearted

So progress has been very slow this week apart from throwing out ten coloring books the office hasn’t been touched by me.
Hubby using it constantly and so are the kids but all my grand plans to getting the curtains done and making some pretty fabric baskets to hide some of the bits and pieces just hasnt been achieved. So I figured to day can be mope around the house day and tomorrow will be get stuck in day.

So my to do list:

Today – watch junk tv and anything else to get in a better frame of mind. this afternoon do the shopping and pick up a new printer (ours is dead).


  • iron and shorten curtains
  • put filing away
  • paste art into kids art folders
  • print out pattern for owl book ends
  • print out pattern for fabric containers


  • sort out material for bookends and fabric containers and go find scraps of material if  I dont have what I need.

So that is my plan, nothing crazy but hopefully it will bring so order to my life which this week has been crazy. Hence its Wednesday and I still haven’t created a menu plan for the week.

What helps you when your in a strange mood which slows progress in an area of your life?



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