Summer cold

The sun is shinning out side and im stuck inside feeling sorry for my self. Summer colds are just pure nasty, at least in the winter if you have a cold curling up under a blanket on the couch feels good, specially if you can see its raining outside.

So while I’m curled up wishing hubby would tackle the house work for me I’ll update progress on the room.

Please beware there’s not much progress, I’m stuck for ideas. How to make an amazing room with out spending money im struggling with. Please if you got some good ideas let me know. Links also welcome.

Heres the photo of what I have achieved.

The curtains are ones that were previously in our bedroom, I pulled out the sewing machine to make them work.

Please excuse the darkness the room is dark in the mornings and hubby has a habit of only putting one light bulb in the rooms. Rubbish in the background is waiting to be sent to the dump.

Can’t wait to see the progress of others.


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2 Responses to Summer cold

  1. If you happen to have a spare mirror lying around the house somewhere, that would be a free way to get some more light in there. Just hang it where it can amplify the light that comes in through the window.
    One thing I have discovered is that if I let a bit of time pass between sorting and putting away (not too much time, or else I don’t feel like dealing with it) I find things throughout the house that belong with the boxes of stuff I’ve already sorted. This gets excess clutter out of other parts of the house, and gives me a realistic idea of just how much space my stuff really needs.

    Don’t give up, the coming week has lots of potential!

    • jveenis says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, we dont have a spare mirror but might have a look at the second hand shops to see if i can find something, the room does need more light so thanks for the idea.

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