Tissues, Tissues and more tissues

The title sums up my week, Help. Only got a few more days to finish the office and at the moment I feel like its not completely working but at the same time everyone else disagrees. I think its cause I have been doing too much searching online for ideas and there’s some amazing looking offices out there. I have had to sit down and talk to my self. Yes some days I’m a bit nuts but had to realize we don’t have space, money or the need for some of the ones I’ve seen and dreamed of.

I’ve had thoughts of how I would love my house to look but need to learn to love it as it is. Our house isn’t horrible its functional but I’m not in love with it, and I think I need to as everyone else who come say otherwise. May need to just rearrange some rooms to make the follow feel better and remove extra stuff. Yes Clutter the word that we call cringe at but we all have in our homes.

Yesterday I sat with my youngest girl and we went thru her room a bit, didn’t finish it cause i’m constantly in there with her as it easily becomes messy and thought i’ve had enough of this. Everything has a home, baskets, storage containers the works but its just doesn’t seem to work. It constantly gets mixed up and even though they are labeled the girls just throw things in. My thoughts too many toys of different types so we sat down and have decided to reduce the amount. They are going to spend a few days thinking of which toys they want to keep and what to get rid of instead of me doing it. That to me is massive progress.

So whats left to do in the office, apart from a general tidy up and to talk to hubby and ask why all of a sudden theres an extra four computer boxes in the room.

  • want to go thru bookcase and get rid of any damaged books.
  • Print some cool sayings and put them in frames that currently sitting in my lounge to fill up a blank wall.
  • Make up some labels for the containers in the room. Have downloaded just need to print and laminate.
  • cover pencil container with cool paper.
  • Get hubby to remove extra computer equipment ( hardest task of all)

No photos this time but will do that in a few days. Off to search for some sayings that relate to the room, hubby and me



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