Life takes over

So much for keeping up to date with the blog, I’ve been doing lots of reading of them but little on my own. Why? well don’t feel like life is that interesting at the moment.

So far managed to achieve going for walks with the help of a friend I might add and completing a 12km fun walk and now trying to get my fitness up to walk a half marathon in September. Its getting way harder now that its colder and the rain seems to keep coming.

Next month I’m starting an online course to get my brain active, yes working on the body and the brain so that’s something to look forward to and something to fill in time.

Newest time waster is Pinterest, spend way to much time on there looking for things to make and do. Lets just say some things haven’t worked out like bouncy balls but other things i’ve been pleasantly surprised in. Home made lip gloss worked well though need to find a new recipe for the handcream. Might try another recipe tomorrow.

The days are getting colder and life getting more crazy. But that’s the joys of motherhood. Lets see if I can post more regularly time to put it in the dairy.


off to the travel agents tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to.



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