having one of those days.

So I’m sitting here in front of the fire surround by clutter and mess cause I just cant bring myself to move and do something about it.  My mission today was to find out prices and get a clear idea of where I want to go for our first ever family holiday that involves a plane. Yes we have been trying to achieve this for years but never managed to make it work so this year aim is to get to Fiji. Will it happen hope so, my brain is full of prices and pros and cons of all the resorts. Came home with no clear answer and jumped on line again to find out what real difference in prices is and wow so much cheaper to book online but is it safe I keep asking myself.

From looking at prices I started researching the companies that offer the package deals. This wont be a cheap holiday for us and want to know I can trust them. So searching review sites made me more confused and scared. Seriously like there’s heaps of negative reviews and some positive ones. Wondering are people only writing these reviews if they are angry and if they had a great experience not even bothering or do we avoid them completely. So next course of action for me was research deals directly thru the airlines well there’s only  two main ones and looked at one sorry cant afford you and the second airline uses one of the companies that had all the bad reviews, now I’m thinking surely if an airline uses them then it cant be all bad. Massive things to think about but luckily can wait a few days as hubbies passport has run out though to my surprise he said its all ready to get sent off to be renewed. This man is hopeless with paper work so pleasantly surprised.

So after all the research the day has disappeared and my house looks like something horrible exploded thru it.  Tomorrow I hope to get the house back to its normal state and to feel like I’ve achieved something productive. My list of tasks is for ever increasing now not to loss the envelope its written on.


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