The Forgotten Gods Counseling Group

I was given the opportunity to review a novella by L.D. Hutchinson called The Forgotten Gods Counseling Group

Aetina is the Greek Goddess of War, Darkness and Hate. She’s the Daughter of Zeus and Nyx, the only problem is she was never included as one of the worshiped Gods. Not even among the minor ones. She was all but forgotten like many others that she has met over the course of the last three hundred and fifty years.
After talking to Sjorn, the Norse God of Pain and Fertility, she’s finally talked into going to the New York offices of Mental Health where she meets Chi, the Chinese Goddess of Wisdom, another of the forgotten Gods.
Chi tells her of the Forgotten Gods Counseling Group and that many of them attend and join in. The number alone surprises Aetina and gives her the push she has needed to finally say that she’ll gladly be a part of the group and see if it can help her.
Things almost instantly get a little weird though; Zeus and Nyx start fighting and try to get her to take sides. Aphrodite wants her head on a platter and the Demi Gods are showing up everywhere.
But, even that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ichi, a Japanese God, has decided to create havoc amongst the humans for forgetting him.
Now the God’s are coming out to help and trying to stop the madness before it’s too late.
If only Aetina could just get one day of peace…

This book left me feeling confused. At first I was wondering where the novella was heading, it felt a bit jumpy in the content but slowly it started to flow nicer and the story line got good though felt rushed again near the end. Considering this was only about 56 pages it wasn’t surprising that it jumped quickly but I think the general story line is a good one. Didn’t feel a very deep connection to any of the main characters which was a shame.  With a bit more work this could be a great novel.

Worth a read if you want something quick to read and something to get your imagination going.

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