Summer cold

The sun is shinning out side and im stuck inside feeling sorry for my self. Summer colds are just pure nasty, at least in the winter if you have a cold curling up under a blanket on the couch feels good, specially if you can see its raining outside.

So while I’m curled up wishing hubby would tackle the house work for me I’ll update progress on the room.

Please beware there’s not much progress, I’m stuck for ideas. How to make an amazing room with out spending money im struggling with. Please if you got some good ideas let me know. Links also welcome.

Heres the photo of what I have achieved.

The curtains are ones that were previously in our bedroom, I pulled out the sewing machine to make them work.

Please excuse the darkness the room is dark in the mornings and hubby has a habit of only putting one light bulb in the rooms. Rubbish in the background is waiting to be sent to the dump.

Can’t wait to see the progress of others.


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Feeling dishearted

So progress has been very slow this week apart from throwing out ten coloring books the office hasn’t been touched by me.
Hubby using it constantly and so are the kids but all my grand plans to getting the curtains done and making some pretty fabric baskets to hide some of the bits and pieces just hasnt been achieved. So I figured to day can be mope around the house day and tomorrow will be get stuck in day.

So my to do list:

Today – watch junk tv and anything else to get in a better frame of mind. this afternoon do the shopping and pick up a new printer (ours is dead).


  • iron and shorten curtains
  • put filing away
  • paste art into kids art folders
  • print out pattern for owl book ends
  • print out pattern for fabric containers


  • sort out material for bookends and fabric containers and go find scraps of material if  I dont have what I need.

So that is my plan, nothing crazy but hopefully it will bring so order to my life which this week has been crazy. Hence its Wednesday and I still haven’t created a menu plan for the week.

What helps you when your in a strange mood which slows progress in an area of your life?



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Monkey see, Monkey do

So today I wanted to share how my small habits are changing my family.

Habit one was eating breakfast in the mornings every morning, I can now say after two weeks were still keeping it up not only am I now eating breakfast everyday and so are the kids but they remind my hubby every morning how important it is to eat breakfast. 2 out of 3 mornings hes actually taking the time to eat breakfast with the kids. This is huge in my eyes as hes only really eaten one main meal a day as long as I’ve known him. So this habit has helped all of us.

Habit two was to eat dinner on the table. All but one night we have managed to eat dinner on the table this has lead to better eating by the youngest and less stress at dinner time for me. The kids have continued by making sure breakfast is eaten on the breakfast bar. helps that’s were I eat breakfast so less plates are left lying around the house and now they see plates need to go into the dishwasher. Funny how small changes can affect lots of different areas of your life.

Good news that it also has shown on my scales down 2.5kgs in the last two weeks. Long way to go but each day I’m slowly making progress.

Next new habit is to drink more water. Water is the only drink bar milk I have been giving the girls of late and have noticed a big difference now its my turn. Last week I brought some cool pink bottles for water, hoping since they are pretty I’m more likely to remember to drink every time I see them. Will let you know how it goes. Aim is to drink two whole bottles a day, after that will try to do three.

What new habits do you wish to encourage into your life and what old habits do you wish to remove. They say it takes three weeks to really create a new habit in your life, will let you know if this is true.

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So thought it was high time I showed you the progress that’s been made in the office. Its not done got heaps to go specially sewing new curtains well shortening some that we have taken down a while ago from our bedroom. Make it look a bit more grown up in the room. I also have a few boxes of items that needs to be listed and sold. So as hubby doesnt like it cluttering up the lounge he has said to leave them in the office until sold.  Thats tonights task to sort and list the items.

heres my progess picture

As you can see its still got a way to go but at least theres no mess on the floor. The kids bookcase has been brought in and i need to find or create some book ends to make the books stand up straighter.

My book case needs a few more things putting away but should get there.

So thats my progress in that room so far.

While we have been working on that room well mainly me with hubby putting some input in every now and then its lead to some more areas being sorted so I though its time to show them too.

And to achieve that we got this out of the rooms

So I’m happy with my progress so far cant wait to see what everyone else is up to.

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Down day

Ok so what does a girl do when she’s having a down day and trying not to pig out on junk food Shopping of course. I was trying really hard not to go into town today but as I had promised mum i would go to dads work and pick up eggs and fruit that she had for me I knew I had to, one place surely cant hurt I thought well boy did that go wrong. Started at my daughters school. They have school hats which is cool as we don’t have to buy them or send them to school with hats every day they get washed every term and they have there own numbers so no mixing up. Well this year my daughter gets one with the elastic missing, still useable but since shes got a small head keeps falling off so I said show me ok Ill get some things to fix it. Well the teacher mentioned theres at least 5 if not more others broken too. so knew i didn’t have enough supplies to do all I went shopping. A few too many shops later and more items than I planned but feeling better. Thats the main thing right.

So now I need to find enough items we no longer need and sell them to make up the money. Thats my mission this week to sell things to pay for new things plus it means not too many new things come into the house and clutter all the work I’ve been busy on.

Will have to take photos tomorrow of my buys. Some are cool, others practical.

Just put a batch of Muffins in the oven to butter hubby up, though funny enough they dont have butter or oil in them. First time trying them so will have to let you know how they taste as they are just finishing off in the oven now.

Hope everyone is getting along with there challenges.

So as I meant to post the photos I thought ill quickly come back and edit this post to include them and ive included a photo of the muffin.

Bottles so I will drink more water

My muffins I made and hubby managed to gobble up 3 this morning before work so dont taste too bad

And my new toy a Cuttlebug, cant wait to get crafty.

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Weekly Menu

So it’s time for another weekly menu. I wrote mine yesterday and should have posted it but sort of ran out of time.

So far I have found were saving money on the groceries not a lot but were eating better and Im more able to say No to myself on all the little treats I see along the way.

Monday:  Fresh fish and chips and salad

Tuesday : Quiche (needs to be a quick easy meal as were home late)

Wednesday: Sausages with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies

Thursday:  Spaghetti Bol

Friday: Pizza Balls

Saturday: Butter chicken (youngest pick)

Sunday: Nachos (hubbies pick)

So thats our menu for this week

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New Habit Number 2

Ok time for a new habit, yes still have to keep habit #1 up but time to add another one. This one is something that Ive wanted to create for ages grew up with it but over time its been lacking. What is it well its something that might mean we have a decent conversation and less time in front of the TV. It also requires me making sure the dinning room table is kept clear and not used as a dumping ground. Thats right habit #2 is use the dinning room table for dinner every night. Was going to say all meals but that’s not realistic. Girls eat breakfast on the breakfast bar if im up otherwise they tend to sneak up stairs and eat in front of the TV so going to set an example to show them where to eat.

That’s my new habit eat dinner on the dinning room table. Well it is really what they were designed for wasn’t it.

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