Weekly Menu

I have one blog I always follow its Organizing Junkie . Laura always makes me smile with her posts and have learnt things along the way.  So part of her blog is that shes big on menu planning, this is something I have picked up during the last year of following her blog. Im normally one of those silent followers as I didnt have a blog to add to her list but now that ive started I can join in the fun.

For me menu planning makes sense its easy, and great for the kids. I have a menu planner up near the kitchen sink will post picture next week when I find the camera to take a photo. The kids know whats for dinner and dont have to ask me a hundred times whats for dinner mum. That alone is a life saver. Plus above the weekly menu i have a black board which I write todays menu up. It means I know whats on the menu and what to take out of the freezer.

Biggest mission in our house currently is getting meat and veggies into our 5 year old. To stay shes stubborn when it comes to the two items would be an understatement. So my menu at times has to be creative to get them in.

So this weeks menu:

Monday: Pad Thai- with rice noodles and left over veggies

Tuesday: Quiche with spinach, left over ham and cheese

Wednesday: Left overs

Thursday: Roast beef with roast veggies – going to find new recipe to add flavour to veggies and spuds

Friday: Tortillas with fish and salad

Saturday:  Sausages with mashed potatoes and carrots

Sunday: Chicken with wedges and salad.


Till next week.


2 Responses to Weekly Menu

  1. Rona says:

    I remember when our son was little. He went through his picky eating phase till 11 years old.
    Your menu plan sounds delicious. Have a wonderful week!

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