Monkey see, Monkey do

So today I wanted to share how my small habits are changing my family.

Habit one was eating breakfast in the mornings every morning, I can now say after two weeks were still keeping it up not only am I now eating breakfast everyday and so are the kids but they remind my hubby every morning how important it is to eat breakfast. 2 out of 3 mornings hes actually taking the time to eat breakfast with the kids. This is huge in my eyes as hes only really eaten one main meal a day as long as I’ve known him. So this habit has helped all of us.

Habit two was to eat dinner on the table. All but one night we have managed to eat dinner on the table this has lead to better eating by the youngest and less stress at dinner time for me. The kids have continued by making sure breakfast is eaten on the breakfast bar. helps that’s were I eat breakfast so less plates are left lying around the house and now they see plates need to go into the dishwasher. Funny how small changes can affect lots of different areas of your life.

Good news that it also has shown on my scales down 2.5kgs in the last two weeks. Long way to go but each day I’m slowly making progress.

Next new habit is to drink more water. Water is the only drink bar milk I have been giving the girls of late and have noticed a big difference now its my turn. Last week I brought some cool pink bottles for water, hoping since they are pretty I’m more likely to remember to drink every time I see them. Will let you know how it goes. Aim is to drink two whole bottles a day, after that will try to do three.

What new habits do you wish to encourage into your life and what old habits do you wish to remove. They say it takes three weeks to really create a new habit in your life, will let you know if this is true.

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